I’ve been debating on when would be a good time to finally add this free lesbian sex gallery to my blog. I’ve been getting at least 1 email per week, sometimes even more, on the lesbian sex video tube video with Puma Swede and Faith that you see just to the right of this post. It’s under the hot lesbian sex section with 4 other great videos which I’ll slowly add updates for soon. After finding this lesbian sex gallery again, I realized why the video is so damn popular. Puma Swede might be one of the sexiest milf pornstars to ever walk the planet and she just takes control of poor sweet Faith. First they kiss, then they kiss some more and I’m not talking about a sweet lesbian kiss, I’m talking about rough aggressive hardcore porn kissing. Then Puma bends over and makes Faith lick her ass and pussy. A few minutes after that Puma spits all over Faith’s ass and gives it a good licking. To finish things off they pull out the toys and fuck each other silly. Not sure what more you could want in a free lesbian sex gallery.

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Ok, normally I don’t really care what a hot lesbian girls tits look like. Personally, I like real tits over fake ones. Even if they are a-cup’s, I’ll still take an all natural lesbian girl than a big fake tit girl. While I was looking for an update to add to the lesbian blog today I came across a lesbian video with two girls named Kyra Black and Adelle. Is it just me or do these two girls have the exact same fake tits? I mean look at them. I had to do a double and even a triple take. I mean if Kyra wasn’t so tanned I wouldn’t be able to tell the two tits apart and I look at tits all day! The scene actually isn’t too bad either. It comes from a site we’ve added updates from before called Dirty 101. The girls look great as they slowly start to get naked and make out on the bed. They then each take turns licking each others pussies and using sex toys on each other. I guess in the end it doesn’t matter if these two hot lesbians have the same tits, as long as they’re naked and fucking!

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About 2 weeks ago when I added the lesbian teen anal sex videos, I didn’t think many of you would be into it. I was very very wrong. It quickly shot up to #1 in the most viewed posts on the site and a few of you even signed up to the Lez Cuties site. If you were one of the guys or girls who signed up, let me know and we’ll see if I can get you a discount on a full month membership. Since everyone enjoyed that first update from Lez Cuties so much, I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I added a second one. This time the anal teen lesbians focus more on ass licking. Don’t worry, there is still alot of ass pounding with dildos as well but, these girls love to lube it up with their own spit. Alisa is a fresh ass licking lesbian teen who can’t get enough of her girlfriend Aliza’s asshole. As you can see in the second pic, she gets her tongue deep in her ass, just getting it ready for the butt plug she’s about use to get her girlfriend to cum.

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My next free lesbian sex update isn’t exactly roleplaying but it isn’t exactly scripted boring lesbian girls either. I say that because the girls aren’t dressed up but, they do leave their sexy lesbian high heels on. It’s an update from one of my favorite sites — Lesbian Video Pass. If you visit Lesbian Sex Source enough you’ve seen some of these updates. It’s a great site because of the variety of lesbian girls they offer. Doesn’t matter whether you want asian girls, ebony girls, blonde, brunette, big tits they have it all. Don’t believe me? Just check out some of the sample lesbian sex tube videos to the right of this post. Anyways, this particular lesbian video features pornstars Ashley Roberts and Chloe Morgan. Chloe might be one of the cutest petite girls in porn and Ashley is the British sex fiend. Of course they make Ashley the dominant girl in the scene. She sits Chloe down on the couch and slowly spreads her legs. She dives head first into her pussy and Chloe instantly tilts her head back and moans in pleasure. The two girls go at it for a long time and keep those sexy high heels on the entire time.

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Those of you who have been with my lesbian sex blog from the start may remember I added an update with these two hot lesbian girls a few months back. The only problem was, I didn’t have a video sample, I only had the pics. Well, great news! The nice people at Girly Love have decided to give me a free lesbian video sample of the hot scene between Ramona Luv and Crystal Blu. The updated I added for the girl a few months back was one of the most popular updates I’ve had when it comes to lesbian college girls. If you don’t remember what was going on in the scene, i’ll give you a quick refresh. Basically Ramona Luv was hanging out by herself in the college dorm she shares with Crystal. Crystal came back from class frustrated and annoyed by her college professor who gave her a D on her mid-term paper. She didn’t know how to calm herself down. Ramona sat her down in the chair, got down on her knees and basically went to town on her pussy. Crystal then returned the favor only she added a dildo to the action. As you may have guessed, Crystal wasn’t frustrated anymore after that.

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I don’t know about you guys but, as much as I love lesbian sex videos with no plot and a hit of “real”, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE roleplaying lesbian scenes. I mean how hot is it when two lesbian nurses get together, or how about teacher/student sex videos. They’re the best right? Well if you read the title you know what I’m about to update with so you can either keep reading or skip to the sample videos. Today’s update comes from Dirty 101, yet another great lesbian site I was referred to recently. They have all kinds of lesbian roleplaying videos including the lesbian jail sex video I’m about to talk about. This jail sex video is ridiculously hot. It’s your traditional jail sex scene but there is something about the two girls (both named Eve) in the scene. The dark haired Eve doesn’t even warn the blonde haired Eve that she’s about to dominate her with her baton. She just takes her and puts her on the desk, throws her on the floor, takes her sexy secretary skirt and stars shoving the baton up her pussy and eventually her ass!

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Great news everyone! I found a new lesbian sex site to update with and it’s quite possibly the best lesbian site online. I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard of it before but, now that I have you’ll be seeing ALOT of updates from it. You ready? Are you excited? I know I am. The site is called Lez Cuties and it’s a 100% lesbian teen anal sex site! There isn’t one scene on the entire site that doesn’t have 18 and 19 year old lesbians or that doesn’t have anal sex. These naughty teen girls will do the nastiest things to each other including; licking ass, fingering ass, dildo fucking, toy sucking and tonnes more. The first update I’m adding from Lez Cuties is one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. It features 1 blonde slut and 1 brunette hottie who can’t get enough of each other. Whether they are just making out or fingering each others pussies, it’s hot. The second free lesbian sex pic I have might be one of the best lesbian ass licking pics I’ve seen.

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Ok, so everyone knows about you tube and how there are now a bunch of porn sites online that are pretty much the same as you tube only with porn. Well, I thought it’d be a good idea to add a few lesbian porn tube videos to the site and see how you guys like them. I already added one a few weeks back and you guys and girls seemed to like it so, here is the latest free lesbian sex tube video. It’s comes courtesy of the hot lesbian sex site Lesbian Video Pass. On Lesbian Video Pass you’ll find tonnes of streaming lesbian sex videos as well as videos you can download. The scene features hot lesbian pornstars Sammie Rhodes and Karlie Montana. They’re probably two of the hottest girls in porn and now they’re together in the same scene! Both girls are all natural and when they get together for some hot sex the result is orgasmic! It stars off the same way most other lesbian scenes start off with some softcore touching and kissing. Before you know it both girls are naked and Karlie is licking Sammie’s pussy from behind!

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