I added this particular lesbian video gallery for one reason and one reason only… Randi Wright. I think she’s one of the sexiest porn stars online right now. There’s just something about her look that really gets me going. It’s really to bad she does this scene with Mone Divine, one of the ugliest girls in porn. That’s ok I guess, you can’t win them all. In the video, Mone somehow gets Randi Wright back to her apartment for some fun times after the club. Randi is somewhat shy as first but you can tel she gets more into the lesbian sex as the scene moves along. I particularly love the second video where Mone has a toy on Randi’s clit and Randi says to Mone, “put your fingers in my pussy”. What a bad girl!

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I couldn’t get over how sexy Randi Wright looks in this picture set on Lesbian Road. I had to add it to my lesbian sex blog even though I’m not a huge fan of the lesbian girl she’s in the scene with. I’m not crazy about Moni Michaels in this particular set. I don’t know if it’s her make up, her outfit or what but, I don’t really care. They could have put an ugly bbw in this scene with Randi Wright and it still would have been hot. Randi dresses up in a sexy black tank top and very very, very short school girl skirt. The girls kiss and grab each other for awhile and then the skirt comes off and the real fun begins. Moni grabs Randi’s sexy lesbian pussy and slowly slides to fingers inside. Randi tilts her head back in pleasure and does her best not to scream and wake up the neighbors. Then it’s Moni’s turn for some fun. She lays flat on her back while hot lesbian girl Randi Wright works her pussy for over 10 minutes!

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I’m glad you could make it back to the best lesbian sex blog today because I’m just about to add an all new updates from Lesbian Video Pass. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the work of lesbian sex star Gianna Lynn? She’s a sexy asian 20 year old who seems like she’s been licking pussy for years. This sexy asian lesbian dominates her friend Randi Wright in these pics. First she aggressively grabs Randi by the hair, tilts her head back and licks from her neck, to her lips. She kisses her firmly then takes of her top. With Randi’s beautiful tits staring Gianna in the face she grabs them and pinches the nipples. She then gives Randi a dildo and tell her to “fuck my pussy”. Randi does so and after Gianna cums, she decides she wants to dominate Randi even more. She grabs another dildo and basically chokes Randi with it. Then she sticks it so hard up Randi’s pussy that Randi lets out a painful but, pleasuring moan.

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