It’s been awhile since I added an amazing lesbian ass licking video to Lesbian Sex Source. I went over to my favorite ass licking site Lez Cuties and found these two teen girls licking each others asses and giving each other some of the best anal play I’ve seen in awhile. They’re both very sexy, very tanned brunette Euro girls who love to party. At one point the girl with the tongue ring has her mouth so deep in her friends ass that you no longer see the tongue ring. Then that same girl puts on a strap on and fucks her friends ass as hard as she can.

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I absolutely love watching two hot lesbian girls get it on! Whether they use their fingers to fuck each other or their toys it’s always a good time. That’s why I love this particular lesbian sex scene so much! These girls not only use their fingers to fuck each other, but they also use toys. The one girl even uses two toys to perform a double anal penetration on her lesbian friend! How awesome is that? Both of these girls are dressed up in their finest going out, lets get fucked clothes, but all they end up doing is fucking each other!




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Isn’t lesbian teen sex always better when the girls actually seem like their passionate about what they’re doing? These two lesbian hotties get it on, on Lez Cuties and I`m guessing it isn`t their first time! Not only do these girls look like they’ve done this before, but they also look like they really enjoy it! Things start off somewhat tame with the one girl with decent tits grabbing her friend from behind and squeezing her tits together. Eventually the two girls pull out some of their favorite toys including; a strap on which they use to fuck each other. Then, the one girl licks her friends ass and uses the strap on anal style!

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I love European chicks. They’re so liberal, so free, so “up for anything.” It’s one of the many reasons Dirty 101 is becoming one of my favorite sites online. Not only do all of their lesbian sex scenes feature some of the hottest lesbians fucking you’ve ever seen, but most of the girls do crazy shit like lick ass, anal dildo and more! This scene features the two lesbian hotties Eve Angel and Salmone. Both girls are dressed up like they’re going to the club and leave most of the clothes on for the first 10 minutes of the 34 minute scene. Eventually the clothes come off, the dildos come out and the tongues are licking ass and its fantastic!




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It seems like it’s been forever since I added a lesbian fucking scene with a couple of girls having some hot scissor sex so, I went to the best lesbian teen anal site Lez Cuties and picked one out. The scene features two teen girls enjoying each others company for the first time. Even though the lesbian sex scene starts out pretty tame, the girls eventually get pretty wild using huge dildos on each others pussies. The girls then take it to the next level and use the sex toys for anal sex. The two euro girls names are Inna and Karen. I’m really hoping Lez Cuties adds another scene with them soon because they make great videos together!




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There is seriously only one lesbian teen site online in which every scene features actual teen girls licking each others assholes. No other site can promise that. If you’re into ass licking lesbian videos this is the site for you. Just check out the videos and pics I’ve added from Lez Cuties lately and you’ll be just as convinced as I was. This hot lesbian video features a couple of euro girls named Ava and Inna. each of these girls is 19 years old and each of them have no problem taking a dildo in the ass or getting their ass licked by another girl. What I like most about these hot euro babes is that they are all natural. No plastic fake boobs, no fake orange tans. Just natural teen lesbian girls!




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It’s been a while but, I’m back with another hot lesbian dildo scene from Dirty 101. I know the posts have been few and far between lately but, I promise to get back into the rhythm of adding a new piece of lesbian sex action on at least a weekly basis. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted I decided that I’ll come back with two of the dirtiest blonde euro sluts on the planet dildoing each others teeny tiny assholes. As with most scenes on Dirty 101, the girls start things off fully dressed as if their going to a wedding. Eventually, everything except the heels are left on and the girls take out the toys. First she opens up her friends ass by making her slide her own fingers inside, then she takes out the dildo and stretches it to the max.

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I don’t know what it is about Lez Cuties but, I can’t stop going back to that site for all my lesbian teen sex needs. I mean, I’ve seen other teen anal lesbian sites but, none with higher quality videos and better looking girls than Lez Cuties. This time around they “catch” two teen girls in a dorm room. The one girl is studying for her final exam while the other is doing her best to distract her. The one not studying goes behind her friend and slowly begins massaging her back. The second I saw this happening, I knew they were going to fuck. The girl studying puts down her book and enjoys the sensual massage. She takes off her shirt and shorts and lets her friend go down on her. When that’s all finished, the girl who was studying decides she wants to punish her friend for distracting her so she slides two of her fingers deep inside her friends tight ass.

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