We Live Together has done it again. They’ve managed to take and innocent looking straight girl and make me believe this is her first lesbian sex scene. The girl I’m talking about this time is the petite brunette between real life lesbians Karlie Montana and Sammie Rhodes. Her name is Risi Simms and she’s so much shorter than Karlie Montana that when Karlie goes to lick her pussy, she really has to lean downwards. The three girls met in yoga class and Sammie and Karlie couldn’t have been happier to bring her home. They already knew how flexible she was, now they wanted to see if she could translate her yoga flexibility into sexual flexibility. She did!


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Alright so if you remember a few months back I added an update from Lesbian Video Pass that alot of you were upset about. Not because it didn’t feature hot lesbian sex, not because the girls were ugly but, because it was the picture set and not the lesbian video. I promised that eventually I would add the video and to be perfectly honest, I forgot to. Well here it is the lesbian porn tube video of Karlie Montana and Sammie Rhodes. If you guys don’t enjoy this video then you aren’t fans of lesbian porn. Lesbian Video Pass was nice enough to give me 4 free videos that are 20 seconds long each. I took them and put them on a page that streams the videos right on the page. You don’t have to download them or open the in Windows Media Player. Just enjoy the hot lesbian sex videos now.

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At one point in her porn career Sammie Rhodes would do some hardcore porn. Not alot but, some. It seems that now she only does lesbian porn scenes and to be honest that doesn’t bother me at all because she seems to really get into them. I’m not sure why she only does girl on girl lesbian sex scenes now? Maybe she got married or has a boyfriend or something like that? Who knows? All I know is that I added the lesbian porn tube video for this scene about 2 months ago and it is still one of the most viewed videos on the site. What does that mean? That means I’m bringing you guys the picture set to the lesbian pornstar Sammie Rhodes and Karlie Montana scene. Some of these pictures are fantastic. We get a great view of certain little things like how tight and round Karlie Montana’s ass is. We also get a great view of Karlie Montana finger banging Sammie Rhodes while she has Sammie entire tit in her mouth. Like I said, sometimes the pics are just as good as the videos.

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Ok, so everyone knows about you tube and how there are now a bunch of porn sites online that are pretty much the same as you tube only with porn. Well, I thought it’d be a good idea to add a few lesbian porn tube videos to the site and see how you guys like them. I already added one a few weeks back and you guys and girls seemed to like it so, here is the latest free lesbian sex tube video. It’s comes courtesy of the hot lesbian sex site Lesbian Video Pass. On Lesbian Video Pass you’ll find tonnes of streaming lesbian sex videos as well as videos you can download. The scene features hot lesbian pornstars Sammie Rhodes and Karlie Montana. They’re probably two of the hottest girls in porn and now they’re together in the same scene! Both girls are all natural and when they get together for some hot sex the result is orgasmic! It stars off the same way most other lesbian scenes start off with some softcore touching and kissing. Before you know it both girls are naked and Karlie is licking Sammie’s pussy from behind!

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