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Lately, I’ve been adding quite a few updates from sites like Dirty 101 and Lez Cuties and because of that I’ve been ignoring one of my favorite sites Girly Love. Since I haven’t talked about Girly Love in awhile let me remind you why it’s so great. First of all their site is 100% exclusive. All of their lesbian videos can only be seen on their site. Secondly, it’s about 80% real teen lesbian sex. Most of the girls on the site are real first time lesbians who have never filmed sex scenes before. And finally, you can join the site and get access to the members are for $1. It’s literally $1 a day, I’ve already joined it a few times just because I love the lesbian teens on it so much. Anyways, on the the teen lesbian sex scene. These two girls seem to be pretty shy with each there at first. Neither of them really dives into the other girl to kiss her or touch her. At about the 12 minute mark of the video, they start to get really freaky. One takes out a dildo the size of a log and starts rubbing it all over the other girls clit. It’s fantastic!

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Nothing like starting off the day with a brand new free lesbian sex video from the best lesbian sex blog online. The other day while I was looking for a hot asian lesbian video to add to the blog, I came across this scene from Girly Love. I bookmarked it because I knew I would want to add it another day. I didn’t realize I wanted to add it so soon but, it’s so hot I couldn’t resist. It’s a lesbian shower sex video with two hot lesbians named Tiffany and Kylie. They’re roommates who have never thought of being together sexually until now. After a long day of classes Tiffany decides to take a shower and to relax herself she decides to get herself off. Kylie had no idea Tiffany was in the bathroom and when she walked in and saw Tiffany pleasing herself she was instantly turned on. Kylie takes off all her clothes and jumps in the shower with her. After some passionate kissing and touching, they pull out their favorite toys and fuck each other right there in the tub!

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Alright, it’s been awhile since I added some amateur lesbians to this blog so, I went out to all my favorite lesbian sex video sites looking for some hot amateurs. Alot of the lesbian sites I visited only had pornstars but, there were one or two that had some great amateur lesbian action. The two final choices ended up being Teen Lesbian Lessons and Lesbian Sex City. I went with Lesbian Sex City only because I have never added a lesbian blog entry from that site. It’s actually a great site. They have a nice mix of amateur lesbians and pornstar lesbians and you can download or stream all the videos. The two lesbian girls I chose to go with are Renee and Britney. The had some of the hottest make out sessions I’ve seen in a lesbian sex video in awhile. They also lick each other out doggystyle which is always hot as fuck.

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Ever since I started this lesbian sex blog about a month and a half ago, I’ve been trying to give my blog readers a different variety of hot lesbians to enjoy. I didn’t really care which lesbian site these videos and pics came from as long as you guys and girls enjoyed them. I decided today would be a good day to add our first lesbian threesome update and since every loves big natural boobs I decided to make it a big boob lesbian threesome. These 3 hot lesbian euro girls actually have 2 scenes together on Teen Lesbian Lessons. This scene starts with each girl taking a turn licking and sucking the other girls tits. It then moves to the girl with the biggest tits getting her hot lesbian pussy licked while licking another lesbian pussy. The lesbian video ends with each girl fucking another girls pussy with a big dildo.

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Ever since I added the first update from the Girly Love site two weeks ago, I’ve been getting tonnes of emails asking for more free lesbian sex from that site. I emailed the guys who run the site and I asked them if I could get a free full length lesbian video. Unfortunately, they couldn’t provide me with one but they did send over this hot video of amateur lesbians fucking. The girls names are Nikki and Veronika and they are both amateurs. Each of these blonde beauties has something great about them. Nikki has huge beautiful tits and beach blonde hair. Veronika has an all natural body and great looking pussy. When these girls started their first lesbian sex scene they were shy but, by the end of it Nikki was fucking Veronika with a strap-on and she loved it!

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I just love finding teen lesbian sex videos. I really do. There is nothing quite like two hot 18 and 19 year old girls getting naked, licking titties and fingering pussy. This time I decided to go one better. I found a lesbian sex video of two girls sharing a big pink dildo doggystyle. Now you would think that two teen lesbians would have no idea how to get it to work properly but, these two did! After getting naked and doing alot of softcore lesbian stuff like; kissing, touching and licking, they pull out a long pink two headed dildo and put it to good use. They both lick their end getting it lubed up and ready for their tight teen pussies. They then bend over doggystyle, slide the dildo in each other and grind on it until each of them cums!

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When I first updated my lesbian sex blog with a teen lesbian video you guys went nuts. I had tonnes of emails asking me when I was going to add another, where I got that lesbian video from and some of you even asked if I could get you the full length video. Unfortunately, I can’t. What I can do though is bring you an all new college lesbian sex video every other day! I went back to the people at Teen Lesbian Lessons and asked them what was good. They said they had a brand new video of these two hot lesbian college girls having sex in the bathroom. I was all over it. These two naughty girls get naked and fuck right in the locker room! I have no idea where they got the sex toys from but, who cares? One of them even takes a toy in the ass. Great stuff! Hope you enjoy.

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One of my favorite lesbian sex sites online is Girly Love. I’ve been trying to find a hot lesbian sex video or picture set to show you exactly what I’m talking about. It took me a few days but I’ve finally found one. It features two first time lesbian teens name Ramona Luv and Crystal Blu. It’s an exclusive picture set which means you can’t find it anywhere else. At first the two first timers are shy but, eventually they get right into the lesbian sex using toys, dildos and vibrators on each other. At one point Ramona puts a skinny dildo in her mouth, tells Crystal to bend over doggystyle and fucks her hot pussy with it!

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