18 Mar 09

Lesbian Jail Sex Video

I don’t know about you guys but, as much as I love lesbian sex videos with no plot and a hit of “real”, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE roleplaying lesbian scenes. I mean how hot is it when two lesbian nurses get together, or how about teacher/student sex videos. They’re the best right? Well if you read the title you know what I’m about to update with so you can either keep reading or skip to the sample videos. Today’s update comes from Dirty 101, yet another great lesbian site I was referred to recently. They have all kinds of lesbian roleplaying videos including the lesbian jail sex video I’m about to talk about. This jail sex video is ridiculously hot. It’s your traditional jail sex scene but there is something about the two girls (both named Eve) in the scene. The dark haired Eve doesn’t even warn the blonde haired Eve that she’s about to dominate her with her baton. She just takes her and puts her on the desk, throws her on the floor, takes her sexy secretary skirt and stars shoving the baton up her pussy and eventually her ass!

Enjoy the sample Lesbian Jail Sex Video below!

Lesbian jail sex video

Hot lesbian jail sex

The Full Length Lesbian Jail Sex Video is on Dirty 101!

Last Modified: March 18th, 2009
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