I’ve been dying to find another lesbian gangbang sex site other than Girly Gangbang but, haven’t had much luck. If any of you know of another lesbian gangbang site please email me or comment and let me know. It isn’t that I don’t like Girly Gangbang, I actually love the site but, it’s nice to have alittle variety on a lesbian sex blog. Since I couldn’t find another lesbian gangbang site I figured I’d use this hot 7 girl gangbang scene from Girly Gangbang. Not sure how many of you will know the pornstars in this scene. I could only name a couple of them before I read the title of the preview. I knew Angel Dark and Suzie Diamond. That’s it, I had no idea who the other hot lesbian pornstars were. As usual in a gangbang scene the girls paired off and started having sex with each other. Eventually all the girls got together with their favorite dildos and starp-ons and fucked each other for over 25 minutes!

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Over the weekend I was watching my nightly lesbian sex videos and came across this very hot scene on Lesbian Video Pass. This scene featured two very hot lesbian girls named Carlie Banks and Zoe Britton. Not sure how many of you are familiar with these two lesbians, they’ve done a few scenes together and everyone they do is hot as fuck. I woke up this morning determined to bring you a free lesbian sex video sample of this scene but, the guys at Lesbian Video Pass said I had to start with the pics only. Sorry everyone. I promise to bring the video as soon as I get it. For not you’ll have to deal with having just the double dildo lesbian girls pics. Don’t worry they’re just as hot. Carlie and Zoe take turns licking on each others tasty pussies. Awhile after that Zoe pulls out two of her favorite dildos and uses the vibrating one on Carlie’s clit and she puts the other one inside Carlie’s tight pussy.

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I just can’t stop adding updates from this Lez Cuties site. I’m starting to think I have an addiction. Every time they add a new lesbian anal sex scene, I have to add it to the blog. I can’t help it. I should probably just cancel my membership to their site because if I don’t we’re going to have a blog full of Lez Cuties updates. Thankfully, alot of you seem to enjoy the lesbian anal sex as much as I do so, it’s not so bad. This time a couple of hot teen lesbian girl decide it’d be a much better workout to have sex with each other than to lift weights. They start things off with some soft and gentle touching. You would never think either of these girls was into anal sex. Luckily for us, they love it. Eventually both girls are completely naked and licking each others pussies. Then the busty teen girl Sunny bends over doggystyle and forces her friend Murka to lick her asshole. It’s alot hotter than it sounds, believe me.

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At one point in her porn career Sammie Rhodes would do some hardcore porn. Not alot but, some. It seems that now she only does lesbian porn scenes and to be honest that doesn’t bother me at all because she seems to really get into them. I’m not sure why she only does girl on girl lesbian sex scenes now? Maybe she got married or has a boyfriend or something like that? Who knows? All I know is that I added the lesbian porn tube video for this scene about 2 months ago and it is still one of the most viewed videos on the site. What does that mean? That means I’m bringing you guys the picture set to the lesbian pornstar Sammie Rhodes and Karlie Montana scene. Some of these pictures are fantastic. We get a great view of certain little things like how tight and round Karlie Montana’s ass is. We also get a great view of Karlie Montana finger banging Sammie Rhodes while she has Sammie entire tit in her mouth. Like I said, sometimes the pics are just as good as the videos.

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I figured we’d start the week off right with a hot update from Lesbian Secrets. The best part of Lesbian Secrets is that they offer such a huge selection of different lesbian sex videos and pics. Take this picture set or example, this hot lesbian brunette girl takes advantage of her college non-lesbian roommate while she’s asleep. That’s right its a good old fashioned lesbian sleep sex seduction. Ok, so maybe it never happens but, let’s just hope that it does. The brunette babe has always had a thing for her straight roommate but could never convince her to engage in some hot lesbian sex with her. So one nite, she comes home drunk and sees her hot friend sleeping on her bed. She starts to kiss her and slowly take off all her clothes. When the friend finally wakes up, her pussy is so wet that she just goes with the flow and gives her brunette friend the best lesbian sex of her life.

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Black Feet Booty Street, sounds weird right? That’s what I thought when I first visited this site a few months back. I actually even added an update for it with one of my favorite ebony pornstar Lacey Duvalle. I had no idea what this site about other than that it was ebony porn mixed with lesbian sex. When I got inside the members area, that’s exactly what it was with a bit of a twist. These girls all had a foot fetish. Whether it was rubbing each others feet, putting a foot between the other girls big tits or even in some cases licking the feet and then rubbing the foot against a throbbing clit! I’m not crazy about foot fucking sites but, a foot fucking lesbian site? I’ll give it a try. I’ve decided to add this free lesbian ebony sex gallery with Tamara and Sandi. Both of these ebony girls are very very sexy, and have no problem licking, rubbing and fucking each other feet. I’ve added 4 great free lesbian sex sample videos so download them and let me know what you think!

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Lately, I’ve been adding quite a few updates from sites like Dirty 101 and Lez Cuties and because of that I’ve been ignoring one of my favorite sites Girly Love. Since I haven’t talked about Girly Love in awhile let me remind you why it’s so great. First of all their site is 100% exclusive. All of their lesbian videos can only be seen on their site. Secondly, it’s about 80% real teen lesbian sex. Most of the girls on the site are real first time lesbians who have never filmed sex scenes before. And finally, you can join the site and get access to the members are for $1. It’s literally $1 a day, I’ve already joined it a few times just because I love the lesbian teens on it so much. Anyways, on the the teen lesbian sex scene. These two girls seem to be pretty shy with each there at first. Neither of them really dives into the other girl to kiss her or touch her. At about the 12 minute mark of the video, they start to get really freaky. One takes out a dildo the size of a log and starts rubbing it all over the other girls clit. It’s fantastic!

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Nothing better than starting off your week with some free lesbian sex videos from your favorite lesbian sex blog. I took the holiday weekend off from updating the site but, I’m back and ready to hook you up with some of the best lesbian sex videos online. I wasn’t sure which site I was going to grab this update from until I saw these two dirty lesbian girls having anal sex on Dirty 101. As usual I try to mix up the updates I add so everyone gets to see what they like. I haven’t added a lesbian anal update in a few weeks so, I figured now was a good time. These two gorgeous lesbian euro angels look great even when they aren’t naked. When they do strip each other naked and start making out, it almost gets too hot for me. I’m guessing alot of you won’t even be able to make it through the sample videos with out popping a stiffy. Check out our second preview pic and go to that free lesbian sample video on the gallery, you’ll love it!

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