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Teen lesbian sex is just fantastic. It’s even more fantastic when it comes in bunches like it does on Teen Lesbian Lessons. I haven’t had an update from these guys in awhile but, after seeing this scene I think the updates will be coming fast and furious. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I loooveee any type of roleplaying lesbian sex. I like office sex scenes, schoolgirl scenes I’ll even talk myself into a jail sex scene. This particular scene is of the office variety. Two sweet lesbian teen interns are working late to get their paperwork done when one of them decides to blow off some steam and masturbate right at her desk. When her friend sees this she starts playing with her own pussy under her desk. After alittle while she gets up and starts making out with her friend. She then bends her friends ass over, and uses her toy to make her cum all over the office floor.

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I figured we’d start the week off right with a hot update from Lesbian Secrets. The best part of Lesbian Secrets is that they offer such a huge selection of different lesbian sex videos and pics. Take this picture set or example, this hot lesbian brunette girl takes advantage of her college non-lesbian roommate while she’s asleep. That’s right its a good old fashioned lesbian sleep sex seduction. Ok, so maybe it never happens but, let’s just hope that it does. The brunette babe has always had a thing for her straight roommate but could never convince her to engage in some hot lesbian sex with her. So one nite, she comes home drunk and sees her hot friend sleeping on her bed. She starts to kiss her and slowly take off all her clothes. When the friend finally wakes up, her pussy is so wet that she just goes with the flow and gives her brunette friend the best lesbian sex of her life.

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Lately, I’ve been adding quite a few updates from sites like Dirty 101 and Lez Cuties and because of that I’ve been ignoring one of my favorite sites Girly Love. Since I haven’t talked about Girly Love in awhile let me remind you why it’s so great. First of all their site is 100% exclusive. All of their lesbian videos can only be seen on their site. Secondly, it’s about 80% real teen lesbian sex. Most of the girls on the site are real first time lesbians who have never filmed sex scenes before. And finally, you can join the site and get access to the members are for $1. It’s literally $1 a day, I’ve already joined it a few times just because I love the lesbian teens on it so much. Anyways, on the the teen lesbian sex scene. These two girls seem to be pretty shy with each there at first. Neither of them really dives into the other girl to kiss her or touch her. At about the 12 minute mark of the video, they start to get really freaky. One takes out a dildo the size of a log and starts rubbing it all over the other girls clit. It’s fantastic!

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About 2 weeks ago when I added the lesbian teen anal sex videos, I didn’t think many of you would be into it. I was very very wrong. It quickly shot up to #1 in the most viewed posts on the site and a few of you even signed up to the Lez Cuties site. If you were one of the guys or girls who signed up, let me know and we’ll see if I can get you a discount on a full month membership. Since everyone enjoyed that first update from Lez Cuties so much, I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I added a second one. This time the anal teen lesbians focus more on ass licking. Don’t worry, there is still alot of ass pounding with dildos as well but, these girls love to lube it up with their own spit. Alisa is a fresh ass licking lesbian teen who can’t get enough of her girlfriend Aliza’s asshole. As you can see in the second pic, she gets her tongue deep in her ass, just getting it ready for the butt plug she’s about use to get her girlfriend to cum.

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Wooooow! Just when I thought I couldn’t find hotter lesbian sex updates, I come across a site full of lesbian gangbang pornos. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to updated with this morning but, it because clear to me as soon as I came across Girly Gangbang. Girly Gangbang is not only one of the best lesbian sex sites online, it’s also one of the best gangbang sites online period! Each and every scene has at least 7 girls finger banging, licking, and fucking each other. The site is so hot that we feel confident just giving you some lesbian sex pictures rather than the video. The picture set we’ve picked out features 7 hot lesbian pornstars taking turns fucking each other. The best part of the entire scene is probably when the girls form a circle and lick each others pussies from behind!

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One of my favorite lesbian sex sites online is Girly Love. I’ve been trying to find a hot lesbian sex video or picture set to show you exactly what I’m talking about. It took me a few days but I’ve finally found one. It features two first time lesbian teens name Ramona Luv and Crystal Blu. It’s an exclusive picture set which means you can’t find it anywhere else. At first the two first timers are shy but, eventually they get right into the lesbian sex using toys, dildos and vibrators on each other. At one point Ramona puts a skinny dildo in her mouth, tells Crystal to bend over doggystyle and fucks her hot pussy with it!

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When I saw this teen lesbian sex video on Teen Lesbian Lessons earlier today, I just had to add it to my blog. It’s one of the best lesbian sex videos I’ve seen since I started the blog because these two teens are just sexy. The lesbians names are Paris (the brunette) and Christina (the blonde) and they both love licking pussy. They start off with some soft kissing and squeezing of the tits, then out of no where Christina pulls out a huge dildo and rubs it on Paris’ clit. Paris gets so turned on the she immediately spreads her legs wide open and lets Christina go to work. After a while of hot dildo action, Paris takes out a vibrator and sticks it inside Christina’s wet teen pussy. Both girls cum hard after some hot 69′ing and finish things off with a hot make-out session.

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