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It isn’t too often you login to Lesbian Video Pass and find that they’ve missed a week of updates. Actually, I’ve never logged in to that great lesbian sex site and found a missing update. Just this week I found this hot lesbian video of Sabrina Rose and Nevaeh getting it on. Both of these blonde beauties has no problem licking pussy and Sabrina doesn’t mind licking ass! As you can see from the preview images, each of these girls is dressed up in sexy lingerie. They actually leave it on for awhile too while they make out and pinch each others hard nipples. Eventually though, the lingerie comes off and the sex toys come out. Each girl takes a turn finger banging and fucking the other girl with a sex toy, until they’re tired out.




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I don’t know about you guys and girls but I love seeing a couple of sexy lesbians in hooker boots. Not just those ones that go past their calves though, I like the ones that go all the way up their thighs. Not sure how someone could not like those but, I really don’t care. Carlie Banks and Zoe Britton look amazing in this scene and even though their all “dolled” up, they still get down and dirty with some rough lesbian sex. They start by making out with each other ever so gently but, that quickly changes when Zoe pinches Carlie’s nipples. Carlie quickly turns Zoe around and takes off her panties. She gives her ass a lick and then starts rubbing her pussy. Then while she’s still sitting on the couch she has Zoe get up and bend over. After a couple smacks on her lesbian ass, she pulls out her favorite toy and fucks her doggystyle with it.

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I’m glad you could make it back to the best lesbian sex blog today because I’m just about to add an all new updates from Lesbian Video Pass. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the work of lesbian sex star Gianna Lynn? She’s a sexy asian 20 year old who seems like she’s been licking pussy for years. This sexy asian lesbian dominates her friend Randi Wright in these pics. First she aggressively grabs Randi by the hair, tilts her head back and licks from her neck, to her lips. She kisses her firmly then takes of her top. With Randi’s beautiful tits staring Gianna in the face she grabs them and pinches the nipples. She then gives Randi a dildo and tell her to “fuck my pussy”. Randi does so and after Gianna cums, she decides she wants to dominate Randi even more. She grabs another dildo and basically chokes Randi with it. Then she sticks it so hard up Randi’s pussy that Randi lets out a painful but, pleasuring moan.

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Alright so if you remember a few months back I added an update from Lesbian Video Pass that alot of you were upset about. Not because it didn’t feature hot lesbian sex, not because the girls were ugly but, because it was the picture set and not the lesbian video. I promised that eventually I would add the video and to be perfectly honest, I forgot to. Well here it is the lesbian porn tube video of Karlie Montana and Sammie Rhodes. If you guys don’t enjoy this video then you aren’t fans of lesbian porn. Lesbian Video Pass was nice enough to give me 4 free videos that are 20 seconds long each. I took them and put them on a page that streams the videos right on the page. You don’t have to download them or open the in Windows Media Player. Just enjoy the hot lesbian sex videos now.

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It’s been a little while since I added a great lesbian sex picture set from my favorite lesbian site Lesbian Video Pass. Usually, when I add these picture sets most of you email me thanking me for the amazing pics so I figured why not. Don’t worry thought lesbian sex video lovers, I’ll be adding a brand new video from LVP very soon! This hot lesbian dildo sex picture set features two of the sexiest petite girls in porn. Courtney Simpson and Chloe Morgan. You can tell these two girls enjoy being with each other just by the way they hold, kiss and feel each other. Chloe really gets things started when she starts rubbing Courtney’s clit, after that it’s on. They pull out some of the biggest dildos and start sucking on them. When the dildos and pussies are wet enough, they put the two together and really cum!

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I’ve always been on the fence about girls with tattoos. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t. This is one of those situations where I love it. These two gorgeous tattooed lesbian girls named Mikayla and A.J. Bailey are two of the hottest tattooed girls in porn. I’m not sure what it is about them but, sometime with their tattoos is just hot. Unfortunately, for now all we have are the pictures for this lesbian sex scene but, fear not the people at Lesbian Video Pass promised me the movies in a couple of weeks. The scene starts with Mikayla looking sexy as hell at a diner enjoying some food and drinks. When her boyfriend stands her up, Mikayla turns to the hot bartender A.J. Bailey to relieve her sexual tension.

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If you know anything about lesbian sex videos with Kelly Wells then you know exactly why I called this post hardcore lesbian sex video. She is one of the freakiest, dirtiest and horniest pornstars in the business. There is nothing this girl won’t do. When she got together on Lesbian Video Pass with Lindsay Meadows I just had to get a free sample and share it with everyone. These two girls go at it and they go at it good. There isn’t much they don’t do in this scene. They start things off like most lesbian sex scenes start off. Alittle gentle kissing, some soft touching, you know the boring stuff. Then something happens to Kelly and she just goes off on Lindsay. She grabs her by the hair and starts fingering her pussy aggressively. Alittle while after that Lindsay returns the favor by bending Kelly over and fucking her in the ass with a stiff glass dildo. It’s a fantastic scene so enjoy it!

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