25 Mar 09

Ass Licking Lesbian Teens

About 2 weeks ago when I added the lesbian teen anal sex videos, I didn’t think many of you would be into it. I was very very wrong. It quickly shot up to #1 in the most viewed posts on the site and a few of you even signed up to the Lez Cuties site. If you were one of the guys or girls who signed up, let me know and we’ll see if I can get you a discount on a full month membership. Since everyone enjoyed that first update from Lez Cuties so much, I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I added a second one. This time the anal teen lesbians focus more on ass licking. Don’t worry, there is still alot of ass pounding with dildos as well but, these girls love to lube it up with their own spit. Alisa is a fresh ass licking lesbian teen who can’t get enough of her girlfriend Aliza’s asshole. As you can see in the second pic, she gets her tongue deep in her ass, just getting it ready for the butt plug she’s about use to get her girlfriend to cum.

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Ass licking lesbian teens

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