20 Mar 09

Ramona Luv & Crystal Blu

Those of you who have been with my lesbian sex blog from the start may remember I added an update with these two hot lesbian girls a few months back. The only problem was, I didn’t have a video sample, I only had the pics. Well, great news! The nice people at Girly Love have decided to give me a free lesbian video sample of the hot scene between Ramona Luv and Crystal Blu. The updated I added for the girl a few months back was one of the most popular updates I’ve had when it comes to lesbian college girls. If you don’t remember what was going on in the scene, i’ll give you a quick refresh. Basically Ramona Luv was hanging out by herself in the college dorm she shares with Crystal. Crystal came back from class frustrated and annoyed by her college professor who gave her a D on her mid-term paper. She didn’t know how to calm herself down. Ramona sat her down in the chair, got down on her knees and basically went to town on her pussy. Crystal then returned the favor only she added a dildo to the action. As you may have guessed, Crystal wasn’t frustrated anymore after that.

Free video sample of the Hot Lesbian College Girls below!

Hot Lesbian college girls

Ramona Luv and Crystal Blu

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