24 Apr 09

Brunette Lesbians First Anal

I just can’t stop adding updates from this Lez Cuties site. I’m starting to think I have an addiction. Every time they add a new lesbian anal sex scene, I have to add it to the blog. I can’t help it. I should probably just cancel my membership to their site because if I don’t we’re going to have a blog full of Lez Cuties updates. Thankfully, alot of you seem to enjoy the lesbian anal sex as much as I do so, it’s not so bad. This time a couple of hot teen lesbian girl decide it’d be a much better workout to have sex with each other than to lift weights. They start things off with some soft and gentle touching. You would never think either of these girls was into anal sex. Luckily for us, they love it. Eventually both girls are completely naked and licking each others pussies. Then the busty teen girl Sunny bends over doggystyle and forces her friend Murka to lick her asshole. It’s alot hotter than it sounds, believe me.

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Brunette lesbians first anal sex

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Last Modified: April 24th, 2009
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