31 Jul 09

Lesbian Anal Fingering

Whoa! It’s been over a month since we had a hot lesbian sex update from Lez Cuties? Why didn’t anyone email me and yell at me? My apologies everyone. I did not realize it had been so long. No worries though, back on track now and ready with a fresh lesbian sex video. This time we picked out one of the lesbian anal fingering videos. Now of course most of the videos on Lez Cuties already have anal fingering but this one takes it a bit further. The one girl gets in the doggystyle position and after having her rim licked out for about 2 minutes she lets the girl slide two fingers in her ass. Then when her ass is stretched by the two fingers she lets her slide in one more and really pound her ass hard.

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Last Modified: July 31st, 2009
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