1 May 09

Dirty Lesbian Office Sex

I love the guys at Dirty 101. They shoot some of the best lesbian sex videos I’ve seen in a long time. I guess it might be because I’m partial to european girls but, honestly isn’t their stuff great? Every scene on Dirty 101 is a roleplaying type scene. Sometimes it’s jail sex, sometimes it’s teacher and student and this time it’s dirty lesbian office sex. How come I don’t ever walk in on my two assistants having sex with each other? Oh that’s right because I don’t have two sexy lesbian office assistants. Both of these girls are 100% natural and both love to munch on lesbian pussy. They get really freaky about half way through the scene and pull out the strap-ons. Each girl gets a turn to fuck the other girls pussy. They switch positions a few times and when all is said and done they put their sexy office clothes back on and get back to work as if nothing happened.

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Dirty lesbian office sex

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Last Modified: May 1st, 2009
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